ACHEM [ay-kem] is a mutual benefit, professional medical association for BIPOC healthcare professionals and students active or interested in cannabinoid medicine and health equity.



ACHEM programs and services center around education and training, professional advancement and economic opportunity, policy and regulation reform, and serving our communities.


We aim to be reliable and powerfully knowledgeable resources of cannabis science and its clinical application.


We move to increase our involvement at all government levels where policy changes are made and introduced. 


We strive to promote our members, working to support professional advancement in as many ways as possible.


We commit to serving our communities in all ways possible to improve the accessibility of wellbeing.  


"We know that patients do clinically best when their care is managed by medical providers who look like them, so it's time we increase the ranks of cannabinoid medicine specialists and endocannabinologists within BIPOC communities."

Dr. Rachel Knox, Chair

ACHEM Board of Directors

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