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GLobal Health Summit 2022 watch party series

Next session: December 3, 2022 | 2pm EST/11am PST

ACHEM Watch Party - Our Caribbean CHEM(h)ist(o)ry Part 2
ACHEM Watch Party - Our Caribbean CHEM(h)ist(o)ry Part 2
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Dec 03, 2022, 11:00 AM PST
Exploring Multicultural Cannabis Histories - The Pan-Caribbean Perspective

Our CHEM(h)ist(o)ry:

  • Exploring Multicultural Cannabis Histories

  • Using Those Histories as a Roadmap Toward Advocacy, Health, and the Economic Advancement of BIPOC Communities

Did you miss Global Health Summit 2022? Do you just want to relive the moments? During the summit, we told our stories - the stories of people of color in relation to the cannabis plant. Now, we're giving you a second chance to hear ACHEM's Board of Directors take you on a journey through various BIPOC communities, explaining their history with the plant and the industry surrounding it. You'll also hear panelists representing Pan-African, Pan-Indigenous, Pan-Latin, Pan-Caribbean, and Pan-Asian perspectives discuss how to utilize the lessons from our histories to get to a point of health equity - the assuredness of access to full health and wellbeing for all. After the panel discussion, we'll have a dialogue amongst the Watch Party attendees. Don't miss it!


Our Caribbean CHEM(h)ist(o)ry is part 5 of this 7-part Watch Party Series. This session features Dr. Safiya Lyn-Lassiter's presentation, "Cannabis & Jamaica West Indies Culture,"  and the Pan-Caribbean Panel discussion, followed by a live conversation with YOU and other audience members about what you've taken away from the presentations.

Attendance is FREE for ACHEM members. Attendance is open to non-members for $20 per session.


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