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JOIN OTHER HEALing professionals

Cannabis Healthcare Leaders, Endocannabinologists, and Medical Revolutionaries are here to help you succeed.

Choose your Individual ACHEM membership


    Every year
    Practicing Individual

    Every year
    Retired Individual

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    Student or Veteran Individual

Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunity for ACHEM to promote your work

  • Participation in equity-centered and patient-centered cannabis policy reform⁠

  • Development of your personal and professional skills alongside other cannabis professionals, patients, and advocates ⁠

  • Opportunity to serve communities most harmed by the War on Drugs and most divested of good health

  • Access to all ACHEM weekly programming

  • Free or discounted registration for ACHEM conferences and events

  • Anytime access to ACHEM Educational Content Library

  • Special discounts on memberships, events, and education from other organizations

  • Regular interaction with leaders in health equity, endocannabinology, and cannabinoid medicine

Memberships are for BIPOC healthcare professionals, BIPOC healers of all types, allies, corporations, and organizations who are interested in endocannabinology, cannabinoid therapies, and health equity. Looking for corporate memberships? Click here.

Why become an ACHEM member?


As humans, we all have endocannabinoid systems. Optimizing our endocannabinoid tone is essential to good health, and utilizing cannabis is one way to do that. Therefore, by virtue of being in the cannabis industry, we are all healers, whether we are providing medical care by guiding patients in their use of cannabinoid therapies, cultivating these life saving and enhancing plants, educating customers in retail facilities, transporting and marketing healing products, or understanding how to integrate the plant into our own wellbeing routine. 


As stewards of the cannabis industry, we all have the responsibility to facilitate health equity - the assuredness of access to full health and wellbeing for all people. In order to do that we must start with those who have been most divested of their health and wellbeing through the cruelty of growing cannabis on stolen Indigenous lands by the labor of enslaved people and through the predatory systems advancing cannabis prohibition. 

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